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Queen Silver: The Godless Girl

a biography by Wendy McElroy

This work from Prometheus Books -- consists of a biography of Queen Silver followed by essays from her pen. Please do not use or reprint material from this page without permission, which will usually be given upon request.
ERRATA: My apologies for the ludicrous errors in Prometheus Books' advertising copy for this book. E.g., Grace Verne Silver did not found the I.W.W.    - Wendy McElroy

Introduction to Queen (Bio). 

Excerpts from Queen Silver: The Godless Girl

From the Biographical Section:

The Young Queen and the Elder Queen in Freethought (Atheism) 
One of Queen's Feminist Adventures
The Socialist
and the Girl Scientist

From the Essay Section:

on Freethought
on Feminism
on Socialism

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Queen's Other Lectures

This material is not reprinted from Queen Silver: The Godless Girl Pioneers of Freethought, delivered at age 12 (1923) More of Queen Silver's writing can be found in Queen Silver's Magazine

Photo Album

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Queen as a child

Queen in middle age

Queen in later years

Grace Verne Silver - feminist, socialist, freethinker

Read her early feminist fiction stories

Read her dramatic Correspondence May - Sept. 1934

During the Summer of 1934, Grace fled her husband to the supposed safety of Alaska, only to find herself (and her lover) stranded there by the Longshoreman's Strike of '34. Perilously close to starvation, Grace's only solace were the letters she and Queen exchanged. (Unless otherwise noted, all letters are from Grace to Queen.) May 1934 | June 1934 | July 1934 | August 1934 | September 1934

Sample Grace's delightfully witty and heretical "Theological Dictionary"

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